Welding is an undeniable specialization within our company.

As a renowned manufacturer of fireplace inserts with international significance, we ensure that it is an essential part of our daily operations.

  • Spartherm employs various welding methods, adapting to project specifications and customer expectations.
  • Our advanced welding technologies ensure durable and safe products that meet the highest quality standards.
  • Our experienced specialists guarantee not only high-quality craftsmanship but also punctuality and competitive prices.


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metal welding at Spartherm

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Our machines are capable of processing a wide range of metals, adapting to individual project requirements.

Design office
Your own design office allows you to plan ready-made elements, optimizing the entire production process and quickly executing orders.

Other services
At Spartherm, we offer a wide range of metalworking services. We consider each project individually to ultimately provide the best solutions for our clients.


Precision without Compromises

Execute your project at Spartherm Strzelce Krajeńskie in Poland. Contact us today.

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