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Spartherm is a reliable partner in metal processing

In addition to standard services such as laser cutting, bending on press brakes, sheet metal surface treatment, welding and rolling, our company also offers a number of other specialized metal processing methods.

Our offer is addressed not only to large companies, but also to small enterprises and individual clients.

Thanks to the skilled adjustment of the appropriate machining method by our qualified employees, the client ultimately receives:

  • products with high resistance to external factors,
  • durable and aesthetic products,
  • with a matte, smooth, or rough structure, depending on expectations,
  • precisely made sizes and shapes of components,
  • short order fulfillment time,
  • an unmatched machining offer.
  • Roll and surface grinding are specialized services we offer – We can grind rolls up to a diameter of 240 mm and a length of 700 mm. Additionally, we can grind surfaces up to a width of 800 mm (with the option to combine up to 900 mm) and a length of 400 mm (with the option to combine up to 570 mm). This finishing process results in low roughness and smoothness without losing shape.
  • Machining – We offer machining services by removing individual layers using modern CNC machines. As a result of this process, we obtain precisely made components with complex shapes that are difficult to achieve by other methods.
  • Vibratory finishing – Ideal for details with dimensions up to 150x150x150 mm. Vibratory finishing provides smoothness, cleanliness, and uniformity of the product’s surface. During vibratory finishing, we use the Rösler circular vibrator, which allows for surface finishing in a very short time.
  • CNC Milling – Our MAZAK numerical machine provides exceptional accuracy in milling details using suitably thick and durable sheet metal. We offer milling on a modern 3-axis machine for materials with dimensions of 1050 mm x 530 mm and a height of 510 mm.
  • Hardening and shot blasting – We offer processes that increase the durability and resistance of the material through the use of thermal treatment – hardening. When removing rust, old paint, or impurities, we utilize the shot blasting method, which provides the best results.
  • Turning – Our MAZAK numerical lathe enables the turning of materials with a diameter of up to 60 mm and a length of 300 mm for most materials, and 200 mm for thinner materials requiring particularly precise machining. This ensures flexibility in fulfilling a wide range of orders, from small components to larger elements.


Why Spartherm?

Choosing Spartherm, you gain the assurance that each machining process will be carried out with extraordinary care and in accordance with the highest industrial standards. Our advanced technologies, highly specialized machinery, and experience enable us to undertake even the most demanding projects, ensuring products of exceptional quality and durability.

We tailor the machining method to the material, optimizing costs and time. Products created during the manufacturing processes at each stage are subjected to thorough inspection to ultimately guarantee safety of use and solidity of construction.


Precision without Compromises

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