Bending on edge presses

At Spartherm, we offer customers the shaping of bent products on edge presses.

The use of CNC edge press for bending allows for precise shaping of complicated shapes while maintaining high accuracy of the manufactured components.

We offer bending services on conventional edge presses and on a robotic workstation equipped with automatic angle measurement.

We prioritize reliability and quality, which is why we perform bending services using the latest Trumpf TruBend series edge presses. These pioneering machines bend various types and thicknesses of materials with the highest precision.

In our machinery park, we have at our disposal edge presses:

  • Conventional:
  • TRUBEND 5170 with a bending length of 3000 mm and a pressure of 170 tons
  • TRUBEND 5085 with a bending length of 2500 mm and a pressure of 85 tons
  • TRUBEND 5085 with a bending length of 2000 mm and a pressure of 85 tons
  • TRUBEND 7036 with a bending length of 1000 mm and a pressure of 36 tons
  • Robotic workstation: TRUBEND CELL 5000 with a bending length of 3000 mm and a pressure of 130 tons

An integral part of the production process of finished components is our reliable high-performance CNC edge presses.

Modern numerical control allows for the production of large series with the highest precision. This makes the cold material processing process efficient and of excellent quality.

We also offer bending on conventional presses using Trumpf machines.

The TruBend series 5000 edge presses are:

  • The ability to produce long profiles
  • Processing of details with thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 6 mm
  • High precision in bending angles for sheets thanks to the ACB angle measurement system,
  • Efficient production process for the finished product

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technological solutions, we guarantee:

  • Perfect bending accuracy.
  • Repetition of manufactured components.
  • Speed in completing the entire process.

In order to ensure the high quality of the details, we prepare the first master details before making the final parts. As a result, the quality of the finished products is unrivaled.

Individual approach to the order

  • We have advanced edge presses and a large inventory of dies and punches for bending.
  • We have dies for seamless bending, allowing us to handle various projects while adapting to customer specifications and requirements.
  • We also offer bending of individual components, customizing the method and processing to meet needs and expectations without incurring high production costs. Our experienced employees will provide advice and tailor the most cost-effective solution.

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Straightening and stress relief of sheet metal
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Removing oxide after thermal cutting, and edge rounding with surface cleaning on our COSTA wide-belt machine with a processing width of 1350 mm for materials up to 160 mm thick/height.

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