Rolling is one of the branches of our offer at Spartherm.

We offer our customers rolling services for sheets of various thicknesses and widths.

  • Sheets up to 2000 mm wide and up to 4 mm thick, using rolls with a diameter of 140 mm.
  • Sheets up to 2000 mm wide and up to 6 mm thick, using rolls with a diameter of 240 mm.

Our machines are capable of processing a wide range of metals, adapting to individual project requirements.

We have a modern CNC rolling machine that allows for the shaping and forming of various products.

A CNC rolling machine is an advanced metalworking device that enables the modification of the shape and dimensions of products by passing them between rotating rolls. It is controlled by a computer, ensuring precise and repeatable rolling according to established parameters.

Modern ARKU Machine Technology

Our company offers straightening services for parts using the modern ARKU machine, allowing for efficient metal processing in accordance with technical requirements. By utilizing the ARKU machine, we can handle complex orders, ensuring the appropriate quality and dimensional accuracy of each component.

Our technology enables us to achieve optimal results in straightening, which is crucial for subsequent processes such as welding. Customers who choose our services can expect reliable execution tailored to their specific industrial needs.

  • Achieving shapes such as cones, ellipses, circles, ovals, and cylinders. This process enables the forming of sheets, rods, profiles, and other shapes from metal raw materials.
  • Reducing the thickness and width of material quickly. Rolling can increase production efficiency by mass processing raw materials in a single operation.
  • Improving surface quality. Rolling can enhance quality by eliminating inconsistencies, imperfections, or irregularities. This is particularly important for components that require a polished finish.
  • Enhancing material strength. Through rolling, materials can gain increased mechanical strength and structural properties. Improving these parameters is crucial, especially for metals used in the production of structures or machine components.
  • Material optimization. Rolling allows for the optimal utilization of raw materials by minimizing waste and losses. This process promotes sustainable and efficient material management.

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Bending on edge presses
The use of CNC edge press for bending allows for precise shaping of complicated shapes while maintaining high accuracy of the manufactured components.

Sheet metal surface treatment
Thanks to this process, the sheets gain a better appearance and increased resistance to corrosion and damage. The processing ensures optimal mechanical and aesthetic properties of the final product.

CNC Milling
We offer milling on a modern 3-axis machine for materials with dimensions of 1050 mm x 530 mm and a height of 510 mm. Accuracy of details using appropriately durable sheet metal.


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